"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." Nelson Mandela

The main advantages of giving children the opportunity of learning an additional language at an early age are:  increased self-esteem, long term impact on concentration, better listening, leading to a better accent later in life... According to research, children exposed to other languages and cultures at an early age are more able to empathise with others and develop a higher emotional intelligence


Multilingualism often raises questions among parents:


  • When is the right time to start a second language?


The earlier the better; for babies and pre talkers, hearing different languages sound like one universal language and as they grow they start to differentiate the types of languages, that is why it is recommended to start at the earliest opportunity.


  • Is my child going to be confused?


This is by far the most common and oldest misconception. The confusion myth is probably the result of older research that looked at poorly designed studies and drew the conclusion that early exposure to two languages put children at a disadvantage. But new studies have shown that even children with special needs and speech delay can benefit enormously from learning a foreign language.


  • We only speak one language at home, would this be a problem?


Absolutely not. Children absorb languages in an amazing way; that is why we often hear that it is more difficult for an adult to learn another language than for a child. By using the Montessori method to teach the second language our goal is to engage the children enough to make it easier, fun and dynamic.


  • Why Spanish and French?


Along with English we dare to say that these are most useful languages. Spanish is spoken in 21 countries with 420 million people around the world speaking it and French is spoken in 29 countries with 380 million people speaking it. Not to mention that Spain and France are two of the most chosen vacationing spots by British people. Note that we have now 2 native Italian speakers among our staff and therefore have incorporated Italian as part of our curriculum.