Our new front outdoor area is ready !

Richmond, 1st June 2020


To welcome our pupils back to Casa we have inaugurated our new front outdoor area. Check the pics!

There will be soon new surprises :)

Another successful Montessori evening held at Casa Montessori

Richmond, 5th March 2020

Casa Montessori organised its second Montessori evening with a rich program and two esteemed key speakers:

  • The effects of early multilanguage acquisition on Cognitive Development by Dr. Roberto Filipi, Associate Professor at UCL and Director of the Multianguage & Cognition Lab at UCL

  • Parenting Course: Positive Language & Child Development by Sarah Rowledge, Montessorian and Founder of Soaring High Montessori School (Essex)

Parents of children currently attending Casa Montessori were invited first to a discussion led by Carolina Peña, Founder and Principal, around school policies and the new Shared Responsibility Program.


Casa Montessori implements new portal "My Montessori Child"

Richmond, 28th February 2018

Casa Montessori has successfully implemented the teacher-parent portal "My Montessori Child". It allows teachers to record routine observations and take pictures to a secure parent-only website where parents and carers can follow the progress of their child.

"It is a major milestone in the development of the school and it participates to our objective to keep improving the communication with the parents." says Carolina Huc-Pena, Principal and founder of Casa Montessori. "We sincerely believe that this new technology combined with traditional Montessori materials offer the best approach for the enjoyment of all : children, parent and teachers".

My Montessori Child

Richmond, 26th January 2018

Today, Casa Montessori Richmond received the visit of a delegation from the Sharjah Education Council. The Emirate of Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates and the third largest.

The delegation was composed of the following people :

- Mr. Ziad Younes Mousa Shatat, Research & Training Specialist at the Sharjah Education Council

- Ms. Mariam Mohamed Salim Abushibs Al-Ali, English Teacher at the Sharjah Government Nurseries

- Ms. Ouma Alemadi, Executive Assistant Communications and Media Section of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

The delegation was received by Diana Carolina Huc-Pena, founder and principal of Casa Montessori along with her staff.

Diana Carolina presented the school, her staff and her unique approach, combining Montessori Philosophy and bilingualism. The discussions were about the principles of observing the child in his environment, presenting him with activities in line with his interest and development stage.


The delegation was very interested to see how Montessori-educated children develop an early sense of autonomy and confidence. They were particularly impressed to see how a 3-year old pupil served himself tea using a glass teapot in front of them, without assistance or spilling a single drop! Diana Carolina explained them the importance of trusting the child and allowing him to refine as many times as necessary his skills until it is mastered.

Touching the topic of bilingualism, the delegation of Sharjah was presented the multilingual and multicultural approach of Casa Montessori where native teachers (from France, Spain and Latin America) express themselves in their native language to children (who wear a different flag on their smock depending the language program chosen) along with native British teachers.

Diana Carolina stated: "we are very much honoured to have been chosen by the Emirate as a source of inspiration for the   development of Sharjah's network of nurseries. We were left impressed by Sharjah's initiative and interest in the early years education".

Casa Montessori Richmond is a preschool and nursery located in Richmond-upon-Thames (SW London) which curriculum combines the Montessori philosophy with two bilingual programs: English/French and English/Spanish. Casa Montessori was founded by Diana Carolina Huc-Pena in 2016.

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