Personal, social and emotional development!

We have been working on our social and emotional skills. Below you can see some of the activities that we promoted to help the children reinforce those skills. We received a box with seasonal, British grown flowers on the post, the children have enjoyed bringing the box in the classroom to open it and arrange the flowers to decorate our classroom. We opened our "farm shop" in the role play area where the children had the oportunity to interact. The children are starting to follow our class routines such as: changing their shoes, waiting for their turn to wash their hands. We also read a book about friends and how important it is to be kind to them. At the end of the week we had special visit of baby Luna who was very popular and all the children were very gentle and friendly to her!

At snack time, every day, a different child is given the task to offer a biscuit to all his friends.

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