Christmas 2016

We did it! The preparation behind our show was remarkable. We started by studying "ice" they watched a snowman made of ice melt out of its clothes, they had a lesson on pouring liquid into rubber loves, take them to the freezer and collected them the next morning to watch and touch them as they melted. Someone even said "if you put it under the sun it will melt fast". Using our book we encouraged children to use their memory to re tell the story every day before rehearsal.

Geraldine Newman came to read stories to the children in a couple of occasions which the children adored! Meanwhile, each teacher made a craft with the children for our Christmas fair, from ticklish toes to a rain of glitter. All the children helped washing and setting up for our big day! Credits:

Miss Amy Parsons: Ornaments, mistletoes

Miss Grace: Reindeer brooch

Miss Ruth: Bird Canvas

Miss Agnes: Candle

Miss Lena: Jam jar snow globe

Miss Carolina: lego soap

And for all the love, time and dedication that they put into it!

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