Autumn 2017

Dear Parents,

We have reached the end of our first two weeks at Casa Montessori with our new friends – we feel very lucky; such lovely children! It is early days but we have already observed kindness, friendship, curiosity and the happiness to be in their new nursery.

A fantastic start.

Many thanks for your support and care during the mornings – it has been a great help.

We have been working on reinforcing our class and community rules, on encouraging independence and concentration. For the next following weeks we will be providing opportunities for friendships to build and strengthen, we will be looking at the different types of art techniques such as; drawing with pastels, drawing with charcoal and painting.

Autumn is officially starting next week and we will be looking at the changes in colours around us and the weather! We are asking everybody to go on a hunt for leaves, sticks, conquers and pinecones either on your way to nursery or during the weekend. Please bring them to school as we will be using them for art projects and nature tables.

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