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About Us

"Ever since I started this wonderful journey as an educator, I have dreamed about a place where children can learn a foreign language within a loving and nurturing environment, guided by their own interest.


That is when I realised that using the Montessori method I could prepare classes that are fun, interactive, dynamic, child-led and that could awake curiosity within the children about different languages and cultures.


In Casa Montessori, your children will discover a new language or improve one already spoken at home in a full Montessori environment, while strictly following the statutory Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS).


As a parent and as a teacher my aim has always been to contribute to the future of the children where they can be independent, kind, happy, but certainly citizens of the world."


Carolina Huc-Pena, Principal & Founder

Richmond-Upon-Thames, march 2016

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