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We hope you will find the answer to all your queries here however please do not hesitate to get in touch if not!

Do you serve lunch?


Fruits, vegetables, plain rices cakes and breadsticks are available for children throughout the day. Children staying for lunch bring a packed lunch from home.

Can children sleep at Casa?


Yes. Children staying until 3:00 pm who need a nap will sleep after lunch in a quiet area of the school under the supervision of a teacher.

Which languages are you offering at Casa Montessori?


English, Spanish, French and Italian

Is my child going to be confused by being in a multilingual environment?


  • Children exposed to two or more languages simultaneously will naturally mix the languages. This is a natural process of the acquisition of a second language.

  • Young children are born with the capacity to learn languages just as much as walking or talking.

  • Multilingualism enhances cognitive development in children and fosters positive relationships and positive self awareness

Is Casa Montessori only for children whose parents are bilingual?


No. At Casa, our multilingual and multicultural approach aims to expose children to the different sounds and phonic in different languages regardless of their parents speaking any additional languages.

My child has English as second language: is my child going to learn English?


Yes. Our curriculum aims to provide an outstanding educational and developmental program in all languages in a balanced way while preparing them to enter the British Primary Education system.



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