One day at Casa Montessori...

9:00am: The staff greet the children and their carers at the gate - WELCOME


The children are then encouraged to take off their coats, hats etc. and to hang them on their individual pegs, as well as to change their shoes into an indoor pair - INDEPENDENCE


The children choose activities from the shelves that have been carefully prepared for them and can work with them for as long as they wish; activities include Maths, literacy, culture, practical life, role play, book corner, construction, art and well as outdoor learning. – MONTESSORI ACTIVITIES


The Montessori approach allows a free-flow environment where the children can choose to be inside or outside at any time throughout the morning; unless there is a special adult-led activity inside/outside – FREE FLOW


All throughout the morning, children are presented shelf activities in the chosen language (French or Spanish). There are also special boxes containing elements related to the current topic of the school (seasons, people who help us, space, habitats...) which can be accessed by the children at any time. As the child approaches one of these boxes, a teacher, native of the language, will join the child and explore the objects with him (books, games, interactive cards...). The teachers will ensure that all children access the boxes daily. – LANGUAGE PROGRAM

At 12:20pm the whole group gathers for circle time where we hear the children share experiences, sing, read a story or talk about the importance of maintaining a tidy, quiet and beautiful  classroom - REFLECTION


12:30pm: The children are now ready to be collected by their primary carers


(There will be water and fruit available at all times for the children to pour and serve themselves as they need it.)


From 12:30pm: Children enrolled in the after-school clubs have their lunch and start the program:


- Tuesdays: Cookery club

- Wednesdays: Yoga

- Thursdays: Music & Movement

- Fridays: Arts & Craft / Zumba

Montessori activity