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One day at Casa Montessori

Time: 8:45 am
The staff greet the children and their carers at the gate


The children are then encouraged to take off their coats, hats etc. and to hang them on their individual pegs, as well as to change their shoes into an indoor pair.


Children choose activities from the shelves that have been carefully prepared for them by qualified Montessori teachers. Activities include Maths, literacy, culture, practical life, role play, book corner, construction, art and well as outdoor learning.
Montessori Work Cycle


The Montessori approach allows a free-flow environment where the children can choose to be inside or outside at any time throughout the morning.
Free Flow


Casa has a Multilingual approach; children hear our languages all throughout the day; English, French, Spanish and Italian. Native speaking teachers follow the Childs interest to expose them to the languages.
Language Program


Time: 12:00pm -1:00pm or 3:00pm
The children are now ready to be collected by their primary carers

From: 12:00 pm
Children enrolled in the after-school clubs:

Mondays: PE with Coach Lucas

Tuesdays: Music with Susan

Wednesdays: Tennis with Little Rackets

Thursdays: Forest School

Fridays: Forest School

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